Photos: Lisa Silva Photography

Photos: Lisa Silva Photography

You Might Not Believe Where This Story Got Started...

It was the summer of 2016. I had just taken everything I owned and shoved it into a storage unit.  My apartment flooded 5 times with waste water and enough was enough.  Sometimes it is the craziest things that make us brave enough to show up to life and chase our dreams in new ways.

I was sitting on my parents couch and stumbled into an emergency last-minute call for wedding stationery on Facebook for a local styled shoot.  Heck, I didn't even know what a styled shoot was.  I thought, sure, I could do what they needed. I mean, I knew watercolor and lettering and had been admiring wedding stationery on Instagram for months.  Why not me?

I'm Michele.  I have a slight obsession with all things paper and pretty.  I *might* have more notebooks than one person could hope to use in 3 lifetimes.   

A little over a year later, I launched this bespoke stationery design and lifestyle brand, WWhimsy Co. 

The W in WWhimsy stands for Watercolor.  And a touch of wonder woven with the power of well-chosen words.  Now I spend much of my time nestled in my North Florida studio with coffee in one hand and a paintbrush in the other, and I love every minute.  

I believe love can be lettered and inspiration is everywhere when we slow enough to see.  It's my joy to create authentic ways for you to express your heart and make everyday moments into memories that last a lifetime.

Do you have a boutique, gift shop or stationery store that might like to find out more about stocking Watercolor + Whimsy greeting cards and prints?  Or perhaps you'd like to chat about art licensing, commissions and design opportunities?  I'd absolutely LOVE to hear from you.  Please email me at